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black people

2009-12-13 18:50:04 by Torotuo

"armored" made black men cry.


2009-12-01 20:44:42 by Torotuo

i just read all the shit, heard the phone call and looked at some of the comics... omfg..
I am glad i'm not gonna grow up to be a weirdo like him!

D: I did something horrible

2009-11-18 17:05:26 by Torotuo

I drew a picture of TheBoogley for is birthday but I lost it and now he gonna be sad :( :( IN OTHER NEWS I was able to win an online arguement... it was fahnny as helly. Also, that picture is of me when my hair was white.

I might make it my main picture.

nobody's gonna look at this post anyways why do I bother. :P

D: I did something horrible

lulz check dis shit

2009-11-17 15:20:30 by Torotuo

ok, there was this kid, Joker4, who has completely flipped his shit at me. It's very funny, as you will read in the bottom of his post. Just.. look at what a hypocrite he is... it's almost beautiful. one of his messages to me after i commented on him was
"Hey Noob"
"Hey noob your a noob and noobz don't know anything and i know the most about noobgrounds and blahblahblahetc"
My diagnosis is that this kid is young, and he likes to tell the jokes he sees in flashes and say it was his to his schoolyard palz. what's your thought on this?

lulz check dis shit

child protective services

2009-10-25 01:38:05 by Torotuo

my brother and I called them on my parents. Tomorrow will be the most important day of my life, as I either have to go to family counseling with my parents, or go to virginia and live with my brother. I really hope I get to move to virginia... my brother is almost rich :D chocolate milk is the shit, btw.

also he's gonna buy me a flash animating tool.

and a template.
and a template pen.

child protective services


2009-10-13 18:41:31 by Torotuo

I can't freak out about furries anymore because "darkshadowx-the-hedgehog" and "ShadowxSonic3124" and "OcarinaPlayer_2" all PMed me whining about how furries are persecuted

I leave you with a picture with me in it.

it would be cooler if i had just put new instead.


I am sick of going on youtube and seeing some sonic character recolored with ms movie maker 8 text everywhere talking about some shit. It's just annoying!! Purple shadow is the best example i can think of... It's a purple shadow.
and she drew purple rogue and called it bat form.


2009-10-04 21:56:40 by Torotuo

flash is so fucking hard D: D: D: but i don't want to submit stick animation so give me a year and i'll send out a masterpeice that will shatter the sky with a siren's chorus so loud that even the deaf will hear it, and be healed by it's beautiful sound!!!

Multiple schlerosis

2009-10-03 16:03:12 by Torotuo

is not very fun at all. It turns people into assholes, and they think the world revolves around them.
If their medicine doesn't make them feel perfect, they stop taking it and make their MS worse. urghh

Multiple schlerosis

Tamie Jeer

2009-09-30 22:47:16 by Torotuo

Here are some quotes from him:
"I hate my life"
"i'm getting an iPhone"
"some random guy came out of a car and fought me and i won"
"i have so much sex it's not even funny"
"My mom's a bitch because she's mad at me for letting a friend come over when her boyfriend's kids were coming over and their mom wouldn't let them come over if a friend was over"
"I'm so rich"
"i'm so poor"
... This guy is very ironic, and lies alot. I showed him "Dog of man" by doki66... then to make his brother scared of me he said I made it, then when he was mad at me he told people that i said i make it... also he got beaten up by a very light tan black kid with a messed up arm, but he says he can fight a person who can drive a car? lulz.. and this crippled kid fucked him up... seriously.
I'm sick of this shit, do Abby, what do I do?

-some random shitty name in a state